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Welcoming 2017 with Coloured Roller Blinds in Melbourne

With the New Year having just rolled around, and home building and renovation projects either beginning or resuming; people are evaluating their options for how to decorate and fit out their homes. When it comes to window furnishings, there are a variety of choices available for you to select from. Roller blinds in Melbourne have been emerging as a popular way of dressing windows in recent times, and are set to grow even more in popularity this year. The team at Tip Top Blinds have shared with us what they forecast to be the most popular colours for roller blinds in Melbourne in 2017, and what kind of homes they suit best.


Technically a shade, black is forever timeless and can do no wrong. It goes well with most spaces and can be matched to many classic toning schemes in your home. An advantage of black roller blinds is that they provide ample protection from UV rays and offers the ability to block out light better than any other shade or colour. Due to its versatile nature, black can find a way to fit into a variety of different home styles.


A brighter tone that adds lightness to your home, even when closed over your windows; Ivory is an earthy shade blends in well with open spaces that are painted and decorated lightly. When matched with neutral tones, Ivory can bring a sense of joy, light, and calm into your home.


A retro throwback to the sixties, Charcoal continues on our current theme of neutral earthy tones in roller blinds. This shade has made a comeback of sorts in recent times and is appearing not only in homes as window furnishing, but in other material based industries, such as suiting. Charcoal is fitting for spaces that embody flat monochromatic colour palettes with gentle splashes of colour. Truly a favourite for creative interior designers.

When selecting colours, it is important to keep in mind that there are an abundance of materials to choose from also. These fabrics will alter the look of your space just as much as your colour choice, so it is best to consult a company with experience and expertise to assist you in blending the right elements together to create a design that will suit your home and budget.

The team over at Tip Top Blinds have been in the business for over 50 years and have helped countless people with roller blinds in Melbourne. Feel free to get in touch with a friendly team member on 03 9544 4999.



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