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How to Measure Your Windows for Dual Roller Blinds

If you are looking to get roller blinds or dual roller blinds in Melbourne, then you may be able to prepare for the install on your own by measuring up your windows. Whether you’re interested in a single blind or dual blinds in Melbourne, the measurement procedure is the same. The process is actually not difficult, and can give you a better idea of what is going on. All you will need is a metal tape measure.

Installing within a window recess

If you are installing blinds into a window recess, begin by taking the measurement of the Recess Width. Take three horizontal measurements of this, beginning just above halfway down the recess and descending in equal intervals till the bottom of the recess. Take the smallest measurement of the three, and that will be the official recess width.

Next, measure the Recess Drop. Take three vertical measurements of the recess, beginning from the start of the recess till about two-thirds of the way in. Take the smallest measurement, and that is the official recess drop.

Installing outside a window recess

When installing outside a window recess, you will need to calculate the Exact Blind Width. This is for the operating mechanism of the blind, not the cloth. Begin by deciding how much you wish to overlap the recess at each side. 3 inches on both ends is generally suggested to prevent light from coming through the gaps. Take the overall width measurement, plus the overlap, and you have your exact blind width.

Now, calculate the Exact Blind Drop. As previously, work out how much overlap you would like to have over the recesses at the top and bottom. Again, 3 inches is recommended if the blind is to roll up fully over the recess. Now, measure the window and add the overlap measurement. This is the exact blind drop.

Fabric Measurement

A fabric measurement is taken when the width of the cloth on the roller blind is important. Previously we just determined the width of the operating mechanism of the blind. Not everyone will care for a different cloth size.

Firstly, determine the Cloth Width by measuring the width that the blind cloth is required to be. This must be narrower than the width of the blind. There is no need to calculate the Cloth Drop, as it is the exact same size as the Exact Blind Drop.

If you’re interested in learning more, get in touch with the team at Tip Top Blinds. They can happily provide you with the expert advice you are after.
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